Prevents Lube Oil Marine Pollution

AIRGUARD does not simply deal with oil leakage when it happens; it actively prevents the leakage itself. The air-pressurized chamber in the aft seal assembly of the AIRGUARD Type 3AS completely isolates the sea water and the lube oil in the stern tube from each other The result is the POLLUTION-FREE SEAL SYSTEM that prevents lube oil spills and the sea-water infiltration into the stern tube.

With the AIRGUARD Type 3AS air seal system, optimum conditions are always maintained by automatically controlling the lube oil pressure in the stern tube and the aft seal assembly according to the change in ship's draft. This is effective to maintain a long-term stable seal functions, meeting the requirements for the extended shaft survey.


  • High reliability and safety.
    The sea-water and the inboard lube oil are perfectly separated by the air barrier that keeps on ejecting into the sea, thereby preventing outboard spilling of lube oil and the sea-water infiltration into the seal system. The #3 seal ring is not in use under normal conditions. It is reserved for emergency use.
  • Easy handling
    Once the air flow rate and lube oil pressure are set at the time of installation, no adjustment later. The air and lube oil pressure automatically follow the change in ship's draft.
  • ID Easy maintenance
    The simple structure of the seal assembly and air control unit, etc. allow easy servicing in the event of troubles. Seal rings can be replaced by bonding without requiring shaft-withdrawal.
  • Low air consumption
    The maximum air consumption of the AIRGUARD system is 50 normal ltr/min. only. This is little enough to be covered by the control air supply on board.
  • UNNET fishnet protector
    UNNET is provided as a standard componet and prevents problems from fishnets caught in.

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